Identity and Symbolism



During Geluksoord’s 40 th anniversary, it was decided to create a corporate identity which best
portrays Gelukoord’s mission and ethos in service to the residents.



The cupped hand with the image of two persons reflects the caring, love and safekeeping of your fellow man, and in this instance the residents.

The colours reflect the character of Geluksoord and the life phase of the residents.

The gold/beige symbolises wisdom, knowledge and peacefulness – therefor the hand that serve with


The image of the two persons are green and dark brown/maroon.


The brown/maroon is an earthy colour that symbolises security, support and a sense of belonging.

Green symbolises life, revival and spring.

Green is already used at the home and it was important to
have continuity.


A need developed for a design or logo to be used on birthday cards for the residents whichresembled warmth. This  emblem was designed by the Internal Fundraising Committee. It is also used for labels on items sold at the annual Market Day. Lizette Murray, the secretary of the committee, suggested the olive branch.


In the early days the then Vriendekring of Geluksoord contributed enormously by hosting fundraising events, organising street collections and other forms of charity. This group of ladies was instrumental in furnishing the hair salon in the home.

In 1980 they also donated a coat of arms, in
tapestry, to Geluksoord. This coat of arms, which resembles symbolism of Stellenbosch, is typical of
the 1980’s and still hangs in the home near the entrance.



Practical ideas how your involvement can benefit them:


  • Give a donation (once-off or monthly).
  • Bequests – contact the home for more information.
  • Visit residents who do not have family members near-by when possible.
  • You can contribute to or get involved with the Market Day or Spring Tea – contact Geluksoord for more information.